Types of Products

Motability Schemes have a vast range of products to choose from, please see the types of motability scooters and powered wheelchairs we have available below;

Small Scooters

small scooters on the motability scheme

The small scooter available on the Motability Scheme are Light and easy to transport around as the scooter dismantles into a few parts allowing for easy storage. These scooters are often made with a lighter frame to enable easy transportation, however this does mean there is a weight limit for the scooter and regular battery charging is needed.

Important Facts:

  • Pavement use only
  • Small, light and compact
  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation
  • Suitable for home use
  • Lower maximum weight capacity (up to 135kg or 21 stone)
  • Regular recharging
  • Distance that can be travelled is shorted before recharge (maximum of around 10 miles)

See a selection of Small Scooters


Medium Scooters

Medium scooters on the motability schemeThe medium scooters available of the Motability Scheme are often more durable and able to carry more weight than small scooters. Medium scooters can travel at speeds up to 6mph. Some models may be harder to dismantle than others. Please feel free to call for advice on the right scooter for you.

Important Facts:

  • Generally can travel further than small scooters (around 20 miles)
  • Often have a higher weight capacity (around 135kg to 150kg or 21 to 25 stone)
  • Wider turning circle can be expected

See a selection of Medium Scooters


Large Road-Legal Scooters

large scooters on the motability scheme

The larger scooter available on the Motability Scheme can travel further distances and on rougher terrain. Large scooters can carry carry between 20 and 30 stone in weight. However these scooters due to their size are harder to dismantle and store or transport. All large scooters on the Motability Scheme are classified as Class 3 scooters by the Department for Transport and so require road tax (provided free of charge by the DVLA). Generally large scooters can travel at speeds of up to 8mph, however there are some restrictions to speed on pavements etc, please call for further information on the Scooter Highway Code.

Important Facts:

  • Road worthy (with free road tax)
  • Travel at speeds of 8mph
  • Generally have higher weight capacity
  • Longer battery range(usually up to 25 or 30 miles)
  • More storage space needed due to size
  • Lights, indicators and horn are included
  • Cannot be transported easily

See a selection of Large Scooters

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